“JNI HVAC services has been our go-to company for all heating and air conditioning needs. I can’t recall the number of times I have contacted them due to repairs needed for both my primary home and rental property. The immediate response we received and superb customer service was a pleasant change from similar companies, not to mention the reasonableness with pricing. We recommend them to all our family and friends and have heard nothing but positive feedback.”

Debbie, Frederick, MD


“I woke up at 3AM to find that my heat was not working. I sent an email to my landlord, turned on the space heater in my room. I had an email from landlord later that morning telling me that Henry Fuentes from JNI HVAC Services would be contacting me and I heard from him right after that. He found the problem and had the heat going shortly thereafter. I would definitely recommend them.”

Bobbie W., Laurel, MD